Saturday, 22 March 2014

Infectious Grooves ft Sarsippius - "Spreck"

Image course: Christy Borgman

How often these days, in the context of a pop album, is a standalone character with an interesting personality introduced?


The Infectious Grooves were a funk-metal side project of Suicidal Tendencies members Mike Muir and (future Ozzy Osbourne and Metallica bassist) Robert Trujillo, and Jane's Addiction drummer Steve Perkins. Their first album "The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move..." in 1991 features some vicious funk workouts interspersed with some skits about a wise cracking, jive-talking reptilian lover named Aladdin Sarsippius Sulemenagic Jackson, the Third, trying to get into the studio to lay down some vocals for the band, but he can't convince the security guard to let him in.

Sarsippius is voiced by singer Mike Muir, and he's a rather endearing little cheekpot. The first album didn't have him singing any tunes, but he did hint at having hits (that no-one ever seems to have heard of) called "Whipped Cream (Put It All Over Your Body) and "The Love You Will Find Is The Love That You Will Never Find 'Cos It's The Love That Is Not Always Able To Be Found".

On the second album, 1993's "Sarsippius' Ark", he gets space for a tune, called "Spreck". This is one little funky monster of a tune, truly the definition of an "infectious groove" is ever there was one. Rob Trujillo plays the coolest bass line I think I've ever heard him play, while our man 'Sip tries to convince his "layday" to "Spreck" with him.

I have no idea what "Sprecking" is. Is it a distortion of the German word "Sprechen" which means "speaking"? If so, it makes something so simple sound so sinister, and downright fun!

Check out the YouTube clip below, kick back and "Spreck it, y'all".

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  1. Mike Muir is not the voice of Sarsippius a guy named Aladin Sulejmanagic is both sarsippius under the costume as well as his voice.