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Q: When did TSATFP Blog start?

A: The blog started in January 2010

Q: What's it all about?

A: It does as it says on the tin: "The music blog for music fans like you". We concentrate on music and music-related issues, occasionally covering media issues and cultural issues as well. Occasionally we'll refute articles posted in other online forums as a way of promoting discussion on issues.

Q: What sort of music do you feature?

A: Anything that our writer(s) consider worthy of featuring. We don't specifically feature one genre or style or period of music. If we think it's worth listening to, we'll recommend it.

Q: Can I download albums from your site?

A: The short answer is "no". We've never been a download site and we've never posted albums for download, unlike other blog sites around. You can stream albums that we post, but not download them.

Q: You used to use Grooveshark for your playlists. Why have you changed to Spotify?

A: We have changed to Spotify because we found that our playlists alter or would disappear completely on Grooveshark, leaving a blank widget at the bottom of each entry. For some albums that we can't find on Spotify or Rdio, we'll use Grooveshark, but we're keeping it as a last resort.

Q: Grooveshark used to play the songs straight from your blog but embedded Spotify playlists don't - they want to open the Spotify app. Why?

A: That's just the way the Spotify embed code works, I'm sorry. Some people may prefer it the Grooveshark way, which doesn't require any other software installed. I certainly did, but we couldn't guarantee the integrity of Grooveshark playlists over an extended period of time. At least with Spotify, we can ensure the music will be there. Spotify can be easily installed on pretty much any digital device, and it is free.

Q: You use Spotify a lot - are you paid to spruik it or do you get a spotter's fee for pointing your viewers to Spotify?

A: No, we do get paid by Spotify to promote their product. We are not a sponsored blog in any way (as of yet).

Q: Why is it called "The Sound and the Fury Podcast" when there doesn't appear to be any podcasts available?

A: We started out in 2010 as a weekly podcast, with 4 songs and a little bit of information about each track in it. It was quite a demanding process and it was hard to keep up with a weekly task like that. It lasted for about 7 episodes until someone complained and we were served notice from Google and Chillingeffects.org that we were breaking copyright. To this day, we still have no idea where the breach occurred or what the objectionable content was, despite our asking. However, we took the hint and canned the podcast idea altogether, preferring to embed widgets and videos to stream the music instead of making programs.

Q: How many writers do you have writing for the site?

A: As of February 2013: one, but there is the chance there will be others added in the future.

Q: Will you ever go back to podcasting on this site?

A: Maybe, but no promises. We'll see what the future holds.

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