Saturday, 30 January 2010

Episode 3

Hi again,

Episode 3 is here with more great tunes to get you through the week.

This week you'll hear:

Dream Alone - Killing Time
The Story of Mr Brainache - Wonderfools
Stuck Down A Mineshaft - State Shirt
I Feel Alright - The Damned

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Until next week...

Monday, 25 January 2010

Episode 2 - Australia Day!


The second episode is here! Aussie music for Australia Day.

Songs this week include:

Goanna - "The Razor's Edge"
Nokturnl - "New Era"
The Pictures - "P***ing With The Catman"
Even - "Dust"
Richard Clapton - "The Best Years Of Our Lives"

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Thanx heaps


Hi all,

The new podcast is ready, it's just that my host server is playing up. The next episode will be available shortly.

You can also follow the program on Twitter too - sound_fury_pod

Back soon...

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Episode 1

Hi all and welcome to "The Sound and the Fury" Podcast (apologies to the Muppet Show for that opening statement!)

Here is Episode 1 - the pilot, if you will, of (what I hope) will be a regular program for music fans like you.

This weeks episode contains the following tracks:

"Justify The Rain" - Cosmic Rough Riders
"Birmingham" - Violetine
"The Cicada That Ate Five Dock" - Outline

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Take a listen and drop me a line with your comments and feedback!!! You can also email me at with your comments and feedback.

Until next week...


Hi there!

Welcome to the sound and the Fury podcast page!

Here is a blog for a podcast about music for those who love to listen to music. To discover new music and to re-discover music that you and I have forgotten about.

The first episode is almost ready to go and will be posted in the next few hours or so. Stay tuned and soon we'll enjoy the music!