Friday, 7 March 2014

Lake Street Dive: "Bad Self Portraits"

"Bad Self Portraits" is the latest album by Boston-based rockers Lake Street Dive.

Describing their sound is something problematic. The All Music Guide describes them as: "... a fascinating blend of influences and complexity: jazz at heart, with an alternative D.I.Y. sensibility and a passion for classic rock and garage aesthetics."

Yep, I'm none the wiser either.

What it boils down to is this: a four piece band, with a soulful lead singer in the form of Rachael Price, whose voice would make Amy Winehouse jealous. A double bass player, which adds to their striking sound, plus a garage rock attack in the rhythm section (at times) tempered with a southern fried groove.

In short, you HAVE to listen to this album. The band are so hard to describe but strikingly easy to listen to. Disparate influences rarely blend so well. From the first track (the title track, and lead single) "Bad Self Portraits" the warm and fuzzies start instantly.

Despite having a feel that could be describes as retro, it's a song with a thoroughly modern topic: the "selfie". The spin on it of course is the selfie after a breakup. However it has a killer hook and a seductive groove that lets you forget the pain of the lyric.

The pacing of the album has a few issues. It starts off right out of the gate with crackers like "Stop Your Crying" but the quality of the songs sags a little towards the end, before finishing off brilliantly with "What About Me" and the slow burning "Rental Love". It's still a great record for almost any occasion. Recommended!


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