Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Under Neath What

Whatever happened to Under Neath What? The London psych-rock band of the late 80s shine brightly for what seemed a few months and then sank without a trace.

They were a wild and out-there band. They had a great sound that still sounds awesome on vinyl, even now. They probably had their biggest success in Australia, where they were gifted with a great deal of TV coverage on Countdown Revolution and The Factory. Triple J radio backed them to the hilt.

But then...?

Unfortunately I cannot find their Countdown Revolution performance from 1989, where the band performed "Eggs Bacon Coffee and Suicide" and, in the breakdown section, guitarist Andy Berinyi goes apeshit and runs off the set around the back corridors of the ABC followed by a cameraman. As a 13-year old at the time, I thought it was the most outrageous thing I'd ever seen. I became a fan after that performance.

Still, we're blessed with some great music by the band.

Here's the band on the ABC TV show "The Factory" circa 1989 doing "Eggs Bacon Coffee and Suicide"

Here's the clip for "Straight Ahead Money"

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