Tuesday, 8 October 2013

My Favourite Redheads...

...of the musical persuasion.

First of all, I'm not a redhead. But why are they so maligned?

One of Disney's latest heroines is a fiesty redhead, and she is a great role model, in my view. But she doesn't get it easy. Australia's first female Prime Minister was a ranga, and she copped all sorts of merry hell.

I decided to create this post in reference to a story I read where Ed Sheeran was told by an A&R guy in England to dye his hair, because he wouldn't succeed in music as a redhead.

Considering the millions of records he's sold, I guess he has the last laugh...

So here are a few of my favourite rangas (aussie slang for Redhead):

Ashley Naylor from Even:

The gloriously rich vocal stylings of Miss Neko Case, who also shares the limelight in the New Pornographers with another redhead, one Carl Newman...

Paul Brady, a singer/songwriter from Ireland whose solo work is really quite stunning. This track "Crazy Dreams" is from his first LP "Hard Station":

Sherry Rich, Australian Songstress and one half of The Grapes, with the aforementioned Ash Naylor:

So there is an inconclusive list of some awesomely talented redheads. Who are yours?


Five Piece Redhead Pack:

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