Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sunday Sessions - Cats and Jammers

One of the local schools has an open day on today. Nothing reminds me more of school and juvenile delinquency in general than this track.

It's by a Chicago based band called Cats and Jammers, who have traded in big, dumb adolescent fun since 1999. This song is just pure fun for all of its 2 minutes flat. The words are clever and it'll get stuck in your head for a long long time after hearing it. With a title like "Spitball", well I guess you can only draw one conclusion as to what the song is about...

As an added bonus, this album "Propose Toast" which contains 17 tracks and is a compilation of their first 3 LPs is available at the bands Bandcamp page for a measly $5. Rock on over and invest - it's a top notch record, cover to cover..


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