Saturday, 4 May 2013

News Roundup

Making for a varied post today, here's some of the most reported news stories this week in the world of music.

The music world is mourning the loss of two of its more recognisable names this week.

Firstly, Slayer guitarist Jeff Danneman died of liver failure at age 49 yesterday. He had been suffering from complications from a spider bite in 2010 and this is believed to be related to that incident.

Here he is in action with the band he formed in 1982, with my favourite track of theirs, "War Ensemble".

Also this week, hip-hop act of the 90s lost one half of their membership, Chris Kelly, aka "Daddy Mac". He dies of a drug overdose, aged 34. I wasn't much of a fan of their work back in the day, but the wearing of their clothes backwards was kinda cool.

The late, great James Brown had a birthday yesterday. Despite the fact he left us in 2006, he is still a legend. The sound he made with Bootsy Collins and the JBs is still one of the most played sounds around TSATF HQ and will be for years to come.

Here's the great man and his band circa 1970 with "Give It Up or Turn It Loose"

The Gaslight Anthem are touring Australia next week and I'm spewing that I have only just found out that they are touring!!! Meaning that all tickets are gone and I can't go unless I want to pay some overprices scalper for tickets. Dammit!

Here's one of my favourite tunes from their latest record "Handwritten", called "Here Comes My Man".

See you tomorrow.

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