Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Eurovision wrap-up and more

Eurovision 2013 is over and it has been won by Denmark. Their piece was cute enough, and the barefoot beauty that sang it was also quite fine.

Of course the event wasn't without it's controversies though.

Finland simultaneously advanced the cause of gay rights while setting women's rights back about 50 years with Ana Matronic's piece "Marry Me".

Romania dug up some kind of Transylvanian vampire androgynine eunuch thing with a beard that sang like a tenor and a castrati (go figure).

Some of the songs were pleasant enough, often sung in language by pretty young girls. Some obscure languages I've never heard sounding so gorgeous when sung.

Malta brought along the ukulele and the sunshine.
Austerity-bound Greece brought the free grog to the party with their Zorba-meets-The-Pogues-with-synchronised-moves-cribbed-from-Status-Quo tune.

As per usual though, the show has its share of strangeness, tackiness and pop princesses polished to the point of blandness. In other words, it was as much (maybe even a little bit less this year) of a trainwreck as it always is.

While I think of it, here's a track that makes Eurovision 2013 look like "The Nutcracker Suite".

Everybody has heard of Tiny Tim. Some of us are doing our utmost trying to forget him! Not long before his passing, he teamed up with a bunch of New York gutter punks by the name of The Ism for a remake of Tiny's best known song "Tiptoe Through The Tulips". Of course Tiny brings the ukulele and his trademark falsetto, but seriously, it's gotta be heard to be believed.

But be warned: once you've heard it, it cannot be unheard!

On that note, enjoy!

NB: The actual video for this track, with some very funny footage of Tiny headbanging in the studio has embedding disallowed, but it's worth a look here:

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