Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Vale Jay Curley

Jay Curley, bassist for Wollongong rockers Tumbleweed has been found dead in his home. He was 42.

It's truly sad to hear this news. From all accounts the party never ended for him, whatever that means....

Tumbleweed were a crushingly loud band, anchored in Jay's rich, sonorous bass. He was the lynch pin on which pivoted a very tight, very heavy band.

In a live setting, the band's high volume riffage was cathartic. The band's two finest records, 1995's "Galactaphonic" and 1997's "Return to Earth" are probably the best examples of the band's work, with Curley's deep pulsating bass runs vibrating through your rib cage - there's nothing finer.

Jay, you will be missed. Vale.


  1. One of my favourite bands from the desolate years 90's onwards not to much for me to like in these years but this was one. While 60's and 70's was my era where I felt I new each member of the bands personally and each death has been a crushing blow I only knew Tumbleweed as a band but still a tragedy to die so young at least my icons had a fair run at life.

    1. I came of age in the 90s, and Tumbleweed were part and parcel to that period for me. This is a major shock, considering he's not that much older than I am, really...