Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Wonder Stuff

What an interesting and strange little band the Wonder Stuff are. But I'm absolutely loving the band's singles collection right now.

In Australia the band are all but regarded as a one-hit wonder, on account of their mega-hit in 1991 with Vic Reeves - a cover of Tommy Roe's classic "Dizzy".

However, the west-Midlands band had an entire back catalog of clever and quirky songs that are well worth reappraising. The band were described as if Hunter S. Thompson were an influence on the Beatles, they may have looked and sounded like the Wonder Stuff. I'm not quite sure that's quite correct, but what gets me is the clever lyrics, sometimes bordering on the obsessive and snarky but not malicious, set against the bouncy music common to the rich British pop cannon.

Try not singing along to these:

It's Yer money I'm After, Baby

The Size of A Cow

Welcome To The Cheap Seats


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