Sunday, 9 February 2014


Finally the new INXS biopic Mini-series is on tonight. Channel Seven has been flogging the promos for weeks now and it has finally time to show the first part.

There's been a lot of discussion around the place about "will it be any good". Without having seen it, it's supposed to be a biopic, not a documentary - there's a difference.

Biopics, while useful, are not always accurate nor informative. They are designed to tell a story and to entertain an audience, not necessarily to deliver the facts surrounding the story.

The story of INXS is already well documented around the traps anyway, and judging by the promos, the biopic is less about the music and the band, but rather the sordid private life of singer Michael Hutchence that very much became public thanks the scavenging British Tabloid press. It's my great fear that this miniseries will focus on the off-stage turbulence and not on the artistry of the band.

To be fair, the drudgery of overdubbing harmony vocals and in-store appearances is not what makes a good story. The stuff that will hook in the punters is the success, the drugs, the relationships and the sex, all of which distanced Michael from his bandmates, and ultimately finished with his demise.

I'll still watch it, and I'll see if my fears are confirmed.

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