Monday, 15 July 2013

The Latest from Sutton Althisar: "Devotion"

"Devotion" is the latest single from Sydney-via-LA based indie musician Sutton Althisar.

Yet again he has given us a direct melodic pop song wrapped in an odd arrangement that lifts the piece far above the mediocre.

If there's one thing Sutton doesn't want his music to be, it's straightforward. Quite frankly I don't blame him - too much music available these days has been oversimplified to the point of being unchallenging. Sutton is deliberately setting himself apart, developing music by carefully crafting layer upon layer to create rich soundscapes that are unique and deep enough to be immersed in. This not music suited to the shopping centre PA - this is music for quality sound systems, designed to reproduce in finite detail every little electronic blip and subtle nuance. This is music that requires the listener to pay their full attention to the music - anything less is to deny the track the respect it deserves. Conversely, denying this music your attention means you will miss the sweet melody of the vocal line bubbling underneath the swirling synths and, more generally, miss out on the actually enjoying the piece properly.

It's good to see an artist striving hard to make music for the ages, not just music for the here and now; a body of work that will still sound great in 20 years from now.

Over at Sutton's bandcamp page, the single is available with a bonus b-side (the unusual and sonically clashing "The Ghost"). It's available at a pay-what-you-wish price, so race on over and get into it.

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