Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sunday Sessions: Promises

Promises - Promises

Who the hell are Promises?

A lot of people will remember their lone hit "Baby It's You" from 1978, but does anyone else know anything about them? There is precious little written about the band anywhere.

On the strength of this one great song, I picked up their self titled LP on vinyl recently for $1. As an album, it makes a great single: one amazing song ("Baby It's You" which opens the LP) with 9 B-sides (i.e. lesser tracks that don't quite match up to the promise (no pun intended) of the opening track). "Baby It's You" really is atypical of the rest of the LP, which is fairly bland, disco-esque pop that was so common of the day. Promises squandered, I reckon...

Maybe that makes them destined for one-hit wonder status purely for that reason...

Still, they at least have one great song to their name. I can think of plenty of other bands that can't even claim that much (Nickelback, I'm looking in your direction...)

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