Friday, 5 July 2013

Frankie Big Face - "Air Traffic"

This is only going to be a brief post tonight as I have been spending too much time up late recently.

However, it has been ages since I was involved with Songfight. I submitted a few entries circa 2001 but I've never kept up my contributions, largely due to lack of time and lack of creativity.

Songfight is a creative community who write songs with a given song title in a short amount of turnaround time. As you'd expect, some of it is stellar, some of it less so. All of it is written and performed by unsigned and alternative musicians, and all of it is worthy of some attention.

Also, recently I've had to jettison most of my local copy of the Songfight archives due to hard drive problems and space saving (there's in excess of 50 gigabytes of free music available on the site that I will now have to download again. Boo hoo!)

One of the more prolific contributors (whom I hope to discuss more in future posts) to Songfight is Frankie Big Face. His pop sensibility is as sharp as a knife and he has managed to contribute some excellent tracks to the competition over the years. His first non-Songfight album "Smile if you Absolutely Have To" has some killer tunes on it, and this one is one of the most hardest rocking: "Air Traffic".

"Air Traffic" is the opening track on the LP and it contains a solid rock riff played in 3/4 time of all things, with a real Keith Moon-styled drum part played underneath it. You've never heard waltz time rock so hard.

Check it out, and if you like it, rock on over to the Frankie Big Face website, download the album for free and ENJOY!

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