Friday, 5 April 2013

The Real Thing???

Normally this is not the forum for political comment, but this was too good a piece not to share.

In this day and age, with information at our fingertips and news of current political events seemingly in our faces within minutes of them happening, the man who could very well be the next Australian prime minister has been strangely silent in the media.

If the current government keeps eating itself alive at the current rate, Tony Abbott could end up being PM by default. Given his lack of comment in the news, with no policies seemingly forthcoming, how do we know he's the real deal?

The animation below was posted by illustrator Rocco Fazzari on the Sydney Morning Herald's website. The soundtrack is a parody of "The Real Thing" written by Johnny Young and performed by Russell Morris. This version has new words written by Denis Carnahan. Enjoy.

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