Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sunday Sessions: Brad Sucks

Here we are on another Sunday, and what better to post on a day of rest than some laid back tunes from Brad Sucks.

First of all, Brad certainly does NOT suck. The name is self-deprecating, on purpose. Brad Turcotte is the man behind the moniker and the music he creates is home-brewed, home-recorded tunes with the kind of charm that comes with the thought of anything handcrafted by an individual away from a production line.

The music is not easily categorized - sometimes it is acoustic based rock. Sometimes it's low-fi electronica. Either way, it is sung with that low, mellow register that just screams "Relax".

The other cool thing about Brad is that all his albums are available free from his website in a form ready for electro or dance producers to remix it. How cool is that?

These two tracks are from Brad's first LP "I Don't Know What I'm Doing", released in 2004. It's highly recommended. The two tracks are "I Think I Started A Trend" and "Sick As A Dog".


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