Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunday Sessions: Slade - Radio (Wall of Sound)

For this week's Sunday Sessions, I wanted to share a great song about Radio that wasn't available on Spotify as of yet, but is worthy of hearing.

They may be a bit passe, but I'm a big fan of Slade. This particular track was one of two or three that the original band recorded in 1991 before lead singer Noddy Holder left to pursue other interests. He didn't feel like his heart was in the band anymore, as did a number of the other band members at the time, so they called it a day after almost 25 years together.

"Radio (Wall of Sound)" isn't one of the band's most loved or best remembered tracks, but it did make number 21 in Britain on its original release. It barely rated a ripple here, but it did appear on a rather high selling best of LP released for the Christmas market in 1991. It still features the great stomping sound of Slade of old, but it features a more subtle lead vocal from bassist Jim Lea. Noddy's huge vocal holler only appears in the pre-chorus chant and the chorus.

Still, it's a pretty good last hurrah for a band that deserves their spot in rock history, although not as highly respected as they should be.

Still, everybody get your boots on, and stomp along with Slade.



  1. I normally choose a theme song for the week each Sunday but after recent world events and a few issues closer to home, I'm just not feeling my musical self this week.

    Perhaps next week, we could link up for Sunday Sessions and do a bit of a blog hop?

    Mystery x