Monday, 13 February 2012

Whitney Houston, R.I.P.

By now we've all heard of the passing of Whitney Houston. My initial thoughts on the matter were about how history would record her legacy.

Would she be remembered for having an amazing voice, schooled in Gospel but with an almost operatic quality?

Would she be remembered for her questionable song selections or the tinny synth-washed production all her music received?

Or would she be remembered for the train-wreck on legs that she was in her last few years?

A point I picked up from a story online today makes a lot of sense.

When we mourn the loss of Whitney Houston, we don't mourn the loss of talent, because the talent was already gone.

Her performances in Sydney in 2010 were such a shambles that they could almost be used as drug education films for high school students, with the tagline: "This is what drugs will do to you if you abuse them".

Sure it's sad she has passed away. But it's also sad that things got so bad that she needed to resort to measures such as illegal drugs to cope with the stress of fame and life in general. C'est la vie, I guess...

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