Monday, 6 February 2012

Kings of the Sun

Whatever happened to Kings of the Sun?

The Kings started off as a Sydney pub band in the mid 1980s, riding the wave of Hair metal around the time. The proved themselves to be less of the poser-types that Motley Crue and Poison tended to be more of the harder rocking type, like The Angels and AC/DC.

Grimy inner city types, they apparently put on a great live show, with Jeremy Coad Jeffery Hoad being a particularly wild front man. They signed to Mushroom in Australia and released a great self titled debut album in 1988, before signing with RCA in the US and releasing Full Frontal Attack, another great record. Their final LP Resurrection in 1993 was a flop. Nothing has been heard from them since.

STOP PRESS!! Corrections need to be made to this entry, inasmuch as "Resurrection" was only released in Australia, after a falling out with their local record label only 1000 copies were released. They have kept on making music and have now done 8 albums in total. Check them out here at the Kings of the Sun website. (Thanks Lisa!)

I thought I'd post a couple of their great singles from back in the day. Serpentine, from 1987, which is a killer tune, and Drop The Gun from their second lp in 1990.



  1. Thankyou for putting this blog up about KINGS OF THE SUN. I just have to correct you on a few things you said which are "Jeremy Coad" is spelled Jeffrey Hoad & their 3rd album wasn't a flop , their record company (which they had a fallout with ) didn't release it except in Australia and only 1000 CD's were produced. These cd's are now selling up to $120 each on ebay as it is very rare cd was their best album yet ! They now, have produced about 8 albums all up so far. Clifford Hoad which is the founder, drummer & older brother to Jeffrey Hoad has a Facebook fanpage with all the KOTS photo's and info there & also a website, links are below ! Thank you for still remembering this very underated hard rockin band, KINGS OF THE SUN , KINGS FOREVER !!! LIsa - admin

  2. Thanks heaps for dropping by, Lisa! Thanks for the corrections too. I'll change it now to reflect your comments. Give my regards to Cliff and Jeffrey.

    Thanks for allowing the back catalog of the band to be streamed on your site too. It was great to hear the first LP at work the other day!