Thursday, 12 February 2015

Bargain Bin Review #3: Pre.Shrunk - "Bestseller"

Naming your album something like "Album of the Year" doesn't guarantee that it really live up to its title.  (And in your case Faith No More, it wasn't).

Ditto Pre.Shrunk, whose second LP "Bestseller" all but sank like a stone.

One thing that is common with bargain bins in record shops around the country is that independently produced Australian music is over-represented in them. It's a shame considering how great much of it is. 

Pre.Shrunk were, at the turn of the millennium, a big draw on the live scene and Triple J mainstays. On early singles like "Gamer" and "Frogga Boogaga" they took the two bass, drums and no guitar formula to new and exciting places.

This second album failed to find its target audience for two reasons, in my view. 

1. The record label was having distribution problems and the band subsequently split from the label around 2003.
2. This album actually lacked the hyper-manic energy and sense of gonzo fun that the previous records had.

There's nothing wrong with what is here, save for the disturbing eyeball artwork on the cover, but rather that it is quite tame in comparison. It lacks personality. It makes some interesting explorations into electronica, and at times the band finds some soulful grooves, but overall it comes up lacking.

Take a listen below and make up your own mind.

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