Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Hot Rollers

I was just checking out the new Spiderbait record. I'll write about it later, but in short it's as tuneful, crunchy and as eclectic as you'd expect the band to be.

But in doing so, I was reminded of an obscure side project that the 'Bait's drummer Kram was involved in for a very brief period with Ritchie from Tumbleweed. It was called Hot Rollers. They released one LP and a couple of singles in 1998 and then...

...they went back to their day jobs. The album was a hodgepodge of odd tape experiments, instrumental noodling and all kinds of weirdness, however there were a few shining examples of greatness within, most notably the lead single "Wickerman Shoes".

The follow-up "Silver Bullets" is also worth a spin. It kind of out-Bee Gees the Bee Gees at their peak, but it's still not quite as memorable as this track.


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