Thursday, 22 August 2013

Super Best Friends film video in Parliament

This video has garnered quite a lot of press this week, and so it should. It's bloody good!

Super Best Friends are a Canberra punk band who just so happen to have a bass player, Matt Roberts, who works for the ABC as a member of the press gallery in the Federal Parliament.

Matt Roberts has the enviable (or deplorable, depending on your viewpoint) privilege of having access to many high profile politicians and media personalities. So when he wanted to make a video for his track about the repetitive nature of the news cycle, who better than to ask than these guys? Over three months he filmed bits and pieces of various pollies having fun and mocking themselves, lip-synching to the lyrics of the song. It's a masterstroke, I reckon.

Probably the funniest part was when shadow treasurer Joe Hockey was asked to be in the video, he declined saying he hated the song and that he'd do it "if it was more like Nickelback"!!!! That's hilarious!

Even Joe's boss, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, conceded to making an appearance. It's great fun to play spot the Pollie and media personality. It's a very clever video for a pretty good song too.

Check out the video below. Enjoy!

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