Monday, 19 August 2013

Remake/Remodel #4 - Paul Dempsey's Shotgun Karaoke

Those who have heard Melbourne band Something For Kate know what a talented guitarist and songwriter frontman Paul Dempsey is.

Not that we need any more evidence of his greatness around here, in his recent web series "Shotgun Karaoke", he has again proven to be a spellbindingly great musician, able to turn his hand and unique guitar talents to a number of different songs by many artists that are somewhat jarring. For example, how many musos do you know who can cover Iron Maiden, Sheryl Crow, Husker Du and Queen? And then do it well?

The fly-on-the-wall video series has been immensely popular, with songs being recorded in backstage areas, toilets, kitchens and more while on the band's recent tour. We've discussed the Iron Maiden cover here on the blog before. There are many other gems in the series, which has now concluded. These 18 songs are quite beautifully interpreted. Paul has just announced a followup solo tour based on this concept, playing many of these songs as well as songs form his solo album.

Here for your viewing pleasure is a YouTube playlist of the entire series, but a Spotify playlist of all the original versions of these great songs.


Shotgun Karaoke

And the original versions can be found here:

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