Wednesday, 27 March 2013

TSATF Recommdends: Melbourne Ska Orchestra

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Judging by the picture, you'd assume this is a band that believes in the dictum "the more, the merrier". Judging by the amazingly euphoric, joyous and happy sound they make, the assumption is totally correct.

The band is called the Melbourne Ska Orchestra. They're not exactly about to win the award for the "Most Creative Band Name". Then again, they do what it says on the package: There's anywhere between 25 and 30 members (that qualifies as a bit more than just a band to me), they play ska (well, duh!) and they're from...

...wait for it...


I discovered this album by means of a happy accident. I was browsing through a Spotify playlist I'd subscribed to and the MSO was on this list, so I checked them out on a whim. The first track was a stellar funky interpretation of the "Get Smart" theme and that was it for me - I knew I had to play the entire record cover to cover.

If fun and joy could be tangibly correlated, it would sound like MSO. Their tight, sharp, bouncy arrangements leave plenty of room to breathe. 30 musicians can make for some very crowded music at times, but this is one act that avoids that problem. The music is executed with a lack of pretense. It is music created by a group of like-minded people for the fun of it, as opposed to self-inflating their egos.

No matter what is happening, you just can't help but smile while you're listening to this music. The Sound and the Fury Podcast heartily recommends the Melbourne Ska Orchestra.

Below is their brand new self-titled debut album. Enjoy!

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