Thursday, 23 August 2012

TSATF Recommends: The Cactus Channel - "Haptics"

How is it that a group of Melbourne teenage orchestra performers can make funk music with a sound resembling a mid-70s Parliament single? And how can it be that it sounds so authentic? And, shock horror, that it ROCKS???

Enter The Cactus Channel, stage left.

If a band or a musician can be considered the product of their influences, then clearly these 10 young people have been listening to all the right records. The sound is raw, the grooves are elastic - tight and loose where they need to - and the tunes are booty-shakingly funky.

There wouldn't be that many bands in Australia who can lay claim to playing this style of music. It blows my mind to think that these guys play it so well, given their young age - they sound like they've grooving away at it for 20 years or more. Add to that the fact that they record their music on an analogue 4-track tape machine and press their work to vinyl, and you have some smooth, warm sounding music that is such a joy to listen to.

The band have just issued their first LP, available on vinyl and CD. The album features both sides of their new 7-inch single "Emmanuel Ciccolini" amongst its 10 songs (but sadly neither side of their first 7-inch "Pepper Snake") and it sounds great digitally, and I can't wait to get hold of the LP on vinyl. The mixing work on the record is refreshingly dynamic: It's not compressed within an inch of its life like so many modern albums are. It leaves plenty of room for the instruments to breathe in the arrangements. On certain tracks the guitar could be a little more prominent in the mix, but overall this is a joyous thrill-ride from start to finish.

Recommended. Get amongst it.

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  1. thanks for the fine words! more guitar.. mental note for next time :)