Sunday, 1 June 2014

Neil Young - "Cinnamon Girl"

Some days, you just need good music, irrespective of the age or of the genre. It just has to lighten your mood and make you smile.

This track ticks all of those boxes for me. As a song, it would have sounded out of place upon its original release in 1969, but it sounds perfectly at home in 1995, or 2014 even. The huge guitar sound and drop-tuning would be a fixture of 90s music, but was arguably first used here. And how cool is that one-note guitar solo?

Enjoy this classic slice of Neil Young and Crazy Horse from the end of the 60s.


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  1. I bought Harvest in 1972 when he was at his height here in Australia and I bought it through The World Record Club every month they sent a catalogue so as they had his back catalogue I worked my way back one a month until I had all four that he had recorded. Four great albums but until this day after 39 albums Everybody Knows is still my favourite.

    Cheers Deutros.