Friday, 10 January 2014

We need somebody to blame

I've had a number of discussions with people online lately that seem to put the blame of certain areas of society on some easily identifiable societal group. It always makes me step back, wonder and shake my head at bone-headed statements like "The biggest cost to this country is having 'illegal immigrants'..." and other things like that.

Here is not the place to debate such a point. But whenever things like this come up, I always think back to this anti-folk classic originally by Lee Goland, and since remade by many people, called "Teenage Immigrant Welfare Mothers on Drugs".

"Who's to blame for the potholes and flooding and drought?
Who's to blame for unemployment and all the things I'm pissed off about?"

Do some people just need a focal point to vent their frustration at?

In this song, the protagonist finds a convenient, if also fictitious minority group to take issue with. It's quite funny. Check it out.

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