Wednesday, 11 September 2013

An untimely passing...

I hate funerals. But they are a natural part of life and a proper and respectful way to remember someone who has passed.

But I still hate them.

Today at work we say goodbye to a colleague who succumbed to cancer. The loss is tragic, especially when one considers her vivacious approach to life and passion for her work. She always made time to help people and to give her best for their well-being. Not just because that was her job, but because that tended to harmonise perfectly with her nature anyway.

And so, life goes on for all of us who are left behind. But we will always remember her for the great things she did and the person she was.

The one song that sprang to mind upon reflection, and I'm not sure if she knew the song or even liked it, was one with a chorus that perfectly summed up what she was all about:

"...if you fall, I will catch you,
I'll be waiting,
Time after time..."

I offer this clip by way of tribute. May she rest in peace.

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