Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sunday Sessions - Sidewinder

How that for alliteration?

I was thinking about voting in Triple J's 20th Anniversary Hottest 100 and I was thinking back over some of the great local and international bands during that period. I was struck by the poor showing in the polls of many of the artists from the small Sydney indie label Half a Cow Records. Half A Cow was a vehicle for the music of proprietor Nic Dalton and his bands The Love Positions, Godstar, Sneeze, The Gloomchasers and many others, as well as similar bands like Smudge, SPDFGH, Papas Fritas, Glovebox and Crow.

None of the bands in this great stable of bands has made much of a dent in the Hottest 100, sadly. The only band to make any sort of showing at all is Canberra-formed, Sydney based band Sidewinder. Starting with two EPs aearly in 1993, their debut lp "Atlantis" was issued in 1995, and it is a widescreen epic, if ever there was one. It contains the fuzzy-yet-catchy singles "Evil Eye" and "Not Coming Home".

Second album "Tangerine" upped the psychedelic aspect of their music and in do so they became even more epic with their sound. However, while it sounded great, the public didn't respond and only the lead single "Titanic Days" (also featured in the film "Blackrock") made any dent in the charts. It appeared in the 1997 Hottest 100 at 92 - the band's only ever entry.

Sadly by 1999 it was all over for the band. But, we still have the music. It's available on iTunes, and also, below. We have two tracks by Sidewinder for you to sample: "Evil Eye" from 1995 and "Titanic Days" from 1997.


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