Monday, 11 February 2013

TSATF Recommends: Sutton Althisar

So who's ever heard the sound of a siren from a parallel dimension? What sounds like a distress signal from a floating skyscraper in zero gravity? An emergency beacon from an international space station in a distant galaxy?

Welcome to "Fire and Smoke" by Sutton Althisar, an indie-electro-folk musician who has not long arrived in Australia from LA. Here is a new work of a musician who has developed a sound that is not altogether immediate at first, but is rich enough to reward repeated listenings. "Fire and Smoke" has plenty going on within its other-worldly-styled arrangement, but at its core is a warm melody carried forth by the tones of Sutton's voice. There's a lot to be gained from close listening to this track. The B-side of this digital single "Let The Sun" is more immediate, with some interesting string textures throughout, but it adds a mellower compliment to the wilder A-side.

Definitely recommended.

Featured below is both the aforementioned tracks for you to check out, and then swing by Sutton's Bandcamp page and buy yourself a copy.


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