Thursday, 1 November 2012

October Playlist on Spotify

*image credit Barry Gruff

Ok groovers. Here's the latest in musical excellence from The Sound and the Fury, with a summary of musical travels during the month of October.

Within this list you'll find:

  • obscurities from Tangerine Dream and Tumbleweed; 
  • Renaissance period Lute pieces written by John Dowland as music for the British Royal Family;
  • Classics from Slayer, Toto, Nat King Cole, The Grateful Dead and Robert Johnson; 
  • Great new tunes from Voice of Reason (formerly ...and The Magical 8-Ball Band), Calling All Astronauts and Killer's side project Big Talk; 
  • Classic laughs from Spike Milligan and Peter Sellers; 
  • Insane electric jazz from Billy Cobham and John McLaughlin; 

and a hell of a lot more. It's 15 hours of the wildest musical ride of your life. Put it on shuffle, turn it up and, most of all, Enjoy it!

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