Sunday, 30 September 2012

September Playlist on Spotify

OK, so it's the end of the month again. The time when the accountants of the world go into overdrive crunching numbers. Tomorrow (October 1) is a public holiday in NSW, so in honour of the day off, kick back and check out this month's listening party from The Sound And The Fury.

As with previous month's lists, this one takes in tunes from most of the albums I have listened to this month, from the common to the rare to the weird to the obscure, and all points in between. You may find some songs you love, other ones you've never heard that you'll love, or hate depending on your persuasion.

There's 233 tracks here in total, so there's bound to be something you'll love.

You'll find things here as erudite as Sabicas (aka The World's Greatest Flamenco Guitarist) to things as aberrant as Bolt Thrower.

It's a wild ride as usual. Put it on random and have your mind blown.

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