Friday, 4 March 2011

100 LPs Shortlist #3: "Alive" - Kainos

Kainos - Alive

Kainos is a Greek word meaning "fresh" or "new", and their first (and only, to date) LP "Alive" certainly contains an apposite title.

Released in the wake of Evanescence's debut album, "Fallen", Kainos certainly share a good deal of aural simularities. While the lead singer doesn't have a voice as pure as Amy Lee from Evanescence, she certainly compliments the grunt of the music with a forceful, yet soulful wail. Hannah's vocals are somewhat reminiscent of Katy Steel from Little Birdy singing in a lower register, or Nikka Costa during her "Butterfly Rocket" phase.

The band certainly back a sonic wallop, but also are able to temper that with lots of subtlety and dynamics. It adds a bit of welcome relief from the constant overexposure that Evanescence received in the media a few years back (something this writer is still recovering from). Kainos avoid the over-the-top melodrama inherent in Evanescence's work and instead inject pure, raw emotion into their work.

Check it out:

Kainos - Alive by David Kowalski on Grooveshark

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